Here’s a little bit about me, the short girl behind the camera!

I’m a half Portuguese half South African living in the bucket list city of Cape Town. I’m obsessed with doggos and food (don’t ask me to name my faves, cos we’ll be here all day!) I’m also pretty outdoorsy, always ready for a hike or a sundowner at sunset, followed by some chill time on my balcony filled with pot plants. I’ve been shooting for 3 incredible years, that’s taken me far and wide to capture unconditional love, which is my deepest passion. I’m not about those stiff awkward poses, I shoot to capture each couple’s unique friendship and intimacy. So it’s essential from the moment we meet, that you and your partner feel super comfortable to be yourselves and have fun as we capture the best day of your lives! I look forward to making awesome memories with you!


Let’s go somewhere. Let’s find that special somewhere you love, somewhere new, somewhere that you will never forget.